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videokurt6aug74Op 6 augustus 1974 voeren Kurt Sellenthin en Werner Tschoepe samen met de RNI-staf en andere RNI-fans op de Trip-tender naar de MEBO II. Zij arriveerden op de MEBO II terwijl Erik Post Buitengaats presenteerde. Je hoort Rudi Kagon en een aantal RNI-fans vrienden en familie begroeten. Je hoort ook Robin Banks het briefje van Werner voorlezen met de groeten aan vrienden en familie. En je ziet Kurt naar de camera op de MEBO II lopen. Deze film is 2 minuten langer dan wat Kurt in 1974 filmde en monteerde.

Er is geen beeldmateriaal verwijderd uit die originele bewerking. De originele montage is uitgebreid met ander beeldmateriaal van Kurt om de groeten van Rudi Kagon en Werner (voorgelezen door Robin Banks) in de montage te kunnen opnemen. Houd er svp rekening mee dat dit is gefilmd vanaf een boot op de Noordzee, waardoor het beeld soms wat minder stabiel kan zijn.

Dit is de laatste in een serie van 11 Super 8 films van Kurt. We willen Kurt graag enorm bedanken dat hij deze geweldige herinneringen op film heeft vastgelegd en met ons deelt.

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Hier onder deelt Werner enkele van zijn herinneringen aan deze periode en deze reis:

The memories of Werner Tschoepe of August 6, 1974

At the beginning of August 1974, the date for the upcoming end of broadcasting was not yet known, but it was felt that the sea broadcasting adventure off Holland was coming to an end. On the boat trip around the offshore radiostations on August 3, 1974 (see his film about this) I met Kurt, who had already visited the Mebo 2 (see his film from July 31, 1973). He told me that a visit to the Mebo 2, RNI's broadcasting ship, with the tender ship would be possible on Tuesday. He had already asked about this at the utility company's office and it didn't take long to persuade me to join on this trip.
In the afternoon of August 6, in the office of the “Dick Roos” shipping company, which supplied Radio Northsea, we had to pay an amount of around 20 guilders, fill out a questionnaire with personal data and leave the passport as a deposit. And then our trip to the Mebo 2 started. I remember a start time in the port of Scheveningen of around 3 p.m. Kurt and I were the only Germans, otherwise there were a few English people and several Dutch fans as passengers on the “Trip-Tender”.
After the tender had moored next to the Mebo 2, we went on board via the rope ladder. While diesel and drinking water was pumped over, we had about 3 hours to walk around on the radioship. First we went to a live broadcast on board, hosted by Eric Post. Later Robin Banks showed us around on the ship, through the studios, the private areas where the DJs had their booths, into the broadcast room, etc. In the mean time I was able to give Robin a note with a music request (Memories from Earth and Fire) and greetings to other big fans of RNI, to my brother Jürgen and school friend Ulli in my hometown of Pforzheim. The request for music and the greetings went over the antenna that same evening.
On the return trip, crew members, Rudi Kagon and Roger Kent and his fiancée accompanied us on our tender trip and were looking forward to the shore vacation. As enthusiastic listeners, we took the opportunity to interview the employees of our favorite radio station and listened to the anecdotes they told us. At that time I only knew the DJs by their voices. I later saw on the photos that Kurt took of this trip that Don Allen was on board that day and that we were standing next to each other at the railing. Also Peter Ford was identified to be on board on photos from that day. For me it was a really great Seesender experience that I have to thank Kurt for.

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